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FACE-TO-FACE WITH THE CAT by Stephane Frattini
Released: Feb. 1, 2003

In this very simple title that aims briefly to explore the behavior, training, and proper care of indoor and outdoor cats, the photographs are the real selling feature. In fact, they are splendid: clear and crisp, vividly colored, and full of energy, they feature expressive cats and kittens in a variety of poses. Young cat owners and would-bes will fall in love with these adorable creatures. Only one quibble—the photos don't always tie into the text, but the captions are always informative. Young (and older) readers and browsers will be hard-pressed not to purr in admiration. The text, while straightforward enough and easy for young readers to understand, is sparse, sometimes inconsistent, and at times beset with non sequiturs. Some statements refer to outdoor cats rather than indoor ones, and vice versa, and the distinctions aren't always clear. Still, if small children don't know much about cats and kittens or are anticipating welcoming them into their families, this slim volume could serve as an adequate introduction to the subject. Not a must purchase, but try resisting that face on the cover. Contains an index of questions and page numbers on which to look for answers. (Nonfiction. 3-7)Read full book review >