Books by Jean Sherlock

Released: Sept. 1, 2001

In an example from a new series, Radley (Odd Man Out, 1995, etc.) takes an enlightened look at an array of endangered species that range across the globe. Each two-page spread describes an animal, its history and habitat, as well as the disturbing reality of man's involvement in its declining numbers. The Key Facts section is a brief education in the animal's scientific name, range, size, diet, and life span. While the writing in the main text is pedestrian, the work of contributing writers such as Jack Prelutsky, Issa, and William Blake appears throughout in poems or notes, which add a literary appreciation. Dark hues of oil paint dominate the scenery as Sherlock takes the reader into the forests and woodlands of each animal from Oahu Tree Snail to African Elephant. A backdrop of grass, leaves, and branches, overflows with a mix of blended and defined techniques that encourage attention to the impressive detail of the animals. An introduction explains the serious damage that continues to plague the ecosystem and includes vocabulary, an explanation of how scientists are working to increase the populations of endangered species, and suggestions for those who would like to help make a difference. A glossary, map, index, and additional reading list further encourage young readers to get involved in preservation efforts. (Nonfiction. 7-10)Read full book review >