Books by Jeanne Burrows-Johnson

MURDERS OF CONVEYANCE by Jeanne  Burrows-Johnson
Released: April 2, 2019

"A whodunit as smart and engrossing as the unlikely gumshoe."
In this third entry of a mystery series, a woman's latest vision seems to be an unsolved, decades-old murder that links to a present-day homicide. Read full book review >
MURDER ON MOKULUA DRIVE by Jeanne  Burrows-Johnson
Released: Feb. 10, 2018

"A diverting tale led by a smashing amateur detective whose dexterity far exceeds her paranormal gift."
A semiretired journalist in Hawaii who experiences visions tries to solve a neighbor's murder in this second installment of a mystery series. Read full book review >
Released: July 20, 2011

"A scattershot and thematically confusing collection."
Six Arizona-based authors present an anthology of poetry, essays and short fiction from their collective works. Read full book review >