Books by Jeanne Larsen

MANCHU PALACES by Jeanne Larsen
Released: Oct. 1, 1996

"An exemplary novelist again makes history a playful parade of personalities, period details, and ordinary people conscripted by the times."
A luminous, self-contained, fluid world in which history, legend, and a religious quest create a portrait of an age—the glittering high noon of the Manchurian empire. Read full book review >
BRONZE MIRROR by Jeanne Larsen
Released: July 18, 1991

"A quite special pleasure."
A dazzling extension of the author's Silk Road (1989)—not a sequel but a reprise, with new casting, of Larsen's time-riddling, worlds-whirling magical show, which again takes place in the palaces of the immortals (wherever they may be—some are underwater), also on the earth of medieval China (here, the Southern Soong of A.D. 1136), and spaces in-between. ``All desires bring about consequences.'' The Yellow Emperor, his court, and the Silkweb Princess, his wife, with her seven goddesses-in-waiting, should have harkened to this wisdom of the bodhisattva, Guan-yin the Compassionate. Read full book review >