Books by Jeanne Mackin

THE SWEET BY & BY by Jeanne Mackin
Released: March 1, 2001

"Mackin (Dreams of Empire, 1996, etc.) offers a deft combination of historical fiction and ghost story, as well as a compelling meditation on the power of the past to alter the present."
A journalist researching the story of a real-life 19th-century spiritualist, Maggie Fox, may have to contend with the ghost of her old lover. Read full book review >
DREAMS OF EMPIRE by Jeanne Mackin
Released: April 1, 1996

"A richly intelligent and charming spellbinder."
The author of The Frenchwoman (1989) and The Queen's War (1991) again imaginatively (but responsibly, judiciously) samples French history and here constructs a witty, lightly satirical, entertaining amalgam of murder, greed, and revenge, all peculiarly attached to a kind of treasure hunt for an ancient Egyptian stela— a slab of stone picturing the goddess Hathor (appropriately, the goddess of love and laughter). Read full book review >