Books by Jeffery Wilds Deaver

THE LESSON OF HER DEATH by Jeffery Wilds Deaver
Released: May 4, 1993

"Deaver (Mistress of Justice, etc.) combines academic malfeasance, small-town police department politics, and family melodrama with all the requisite mystery and suspense for a double dose of pleasure."
MISTRESS OF JUSTICE by Jeffery Wilds Deaver
Released: Sept. 1, 1992

"The detective plot (torpid theft and, eventually, homicide) and the (far more engrossing) merger plot finally do come together, though not in time for Deaver (Hard News, etc.) to do either one justice."
When a promissory note for $25 million due to a client bank is stolen from hotshot lawyer Mitchell Reece's office in Hubbard, White & Willis, he turns to an unlikely source for detective help—aspiring jazz pianist/paralegal Taylor Lockwood. Read full book review >
HARD NEWS by Jeffery Wilds Deaver
Released: Dec. 17, 1991

"Peerless entertainment for those who like 'em gaudy, manic, and totally awesome."
Rolling-stone punk naif Rune (veteran of two paperback mysteries) embarks on a crusade to free Randy Boggs, who's done three years in Attica for killing Lance Hopper, head of the news network for whose Manhattan affiliate she's been grinding a camcorder. Read full book review >