Books by Jeffie Ross Gordon

TWO BADD BABIES by Jeffie Ross Gordon
Released: Feb. 15, 1992

The twin offspring of Mr. and Mrs. Badd don't exactly live up to their name, but they do have quite an adventure when— instead of napping—they bounce and rock their bed out the door. Their trip downtown includes stops at the bakery (where Mrs. Tasty Pastry ``gave them cookies with frosting on top/From the Tasty Pastry Bakery Shoppe/And a chocolate Çclair to share''), the ``super brand-new Bijou show'' (popcorn), a hamburger joint (``And an order of fries to share''), and the ``Noah Badd Read-A- Book Nook,'' where Dad ``gave them each a nap-time book.'' Then it's home for a kiss each and ``a nice big blanket to share.'' As the wheeled bed careens along, the gleeful cartoon-style illustrations burst with energy; the plot is an adequate vehicle for the catchy, rhythmic text, lilting like Mother Goose with internal rhymes and repetitions. Adults may find the bug-eyed babies off-putting, but young listeners will be entranced with their junk-food goodies and taste of freedom. (Picture book. 4-8) Read full book review >