Books by Jeffrey Fleishman

MY DETECTIVE by Jeffrey Fleishman
Released: April 16, 2019

"An interesting conceit—occasionally bogged down by nonspecifically brooding characters—ramps up to an anticlimax that will test readers' commitment to Fleishman's (Shadow Man, 2012, etc.) world."
A detective and a killer tell their stories in alternating chapters, each chasing the other as the killer enacts her revenge on the men who have done her wrong. Read full book review >
SHADOW MAN by Jeffrey Fleishman
Released: Aug. 21, 2012

"While there are moments of pleasure and passages of real skill, sentimentality eclipses the novel."
Fleishman's second novel is a melodrama: Losing all but a memory of a single summer of his adolescence to early-onset Alzheimer's, the protagonist loses his identity. Read full book review >
PROMISED VIRGINS by Jeffrey Fleishman
Released: Feb. 1, 2009

"A harsh, impressive work."
A debut novel set in Kosovo in the 1990s, from seasoned war correspondent Fleishman. Read full book review >