Books by Jenna Black

NIGHT MAGIC  by Jenna Black
Released: May 30, 2017

"A disappointing follow-up to a promising first chapter. (Thriller. 12-16)"
The city of Philadelphia continues to turn wild after dark in this sequel to Nightstruck (2016). Read full book review >
NIGHTSTRUCK by Jenna Black
Released: April 5, 2016

"A solidly creepy start to a promising series, with a wildly frustrating cliffhanger. (Thriller. 14-17)"
The streets of Philadelphia are filled with terror once night falls. Read full book review >
REVOLUTION by Jenna Black
Released: Nov. 11, 2014

"Most of the loose ends seem to be wrapped up; here's hoping Black is done with this world. (Dystopian adventure. 14-18)"
The stakes are high in the third volume of the series begun with Replica (2013).Read full book review >
RESISTANCE by Jenna Black
Released: March 11, 2014

"Only for fans of the first book. (Dystopian adventure. 14-18)"
Histrionic characters overpower the action in this dystopian-political-thriller sequel to Replica (2013). Read full book review >
REPLICA by Jenna Black
Released: July 16, 2013

"Likely to be gobbled up by fans of the genre, but it won't win new ones. (Dystopian adventure. 14 & up)"
A paint-by-numbers dystopia neither offends nor thrills. Read full book review >
SIRENSONG by Jenna Black
Released: July 5, 2011

"A previously passive heroine begins to see her capacity for becoming a powerbroker. (Paranormal romance. 13-15)"
At last, Dana meets a Fae boy who doesn't want to sleep with her in this third in the Faeriewalker series, which began with Glimmerglass (2010). Read full book review >
SHADOWSPELL by Jenna Black
Released: Feb. 1, 2011

"There's plenty of setup for the next volume in this steamy urban-fairyland series. (Paranormal romance. YA)"
Since Dana entered Avalon from the mortal realm in Glimmerglass (2010), she's been a virtual prisoner. Read full book review >