Books by Jennifer Lynn Barnes

DEADLY LITTLE SCANDALS by Jennifer Lynn Barnes
Released: Nov. 5, 2019

"A focus on sisterhood and more than a few whiplash-inducing twists propel this smart and scandalous tale. (Mystery. 14-18)"
Newly minted Southern deb Sawyer Taft is invited to compete for a spot in a secret society called the White Gloves in the sequel to Little White Lies (2018). Read full book review >
THE LOVELY AND THE LOST by Jennifer Lynn Barnes
Released: May 7, 2019

"An engaging, clever, suspenseful story in which readers—especially dog-loving teens—will easily lose themselves. (Thriller. 12-18)"
A young woman revisits her own traumatic past when she helps search for a missing little girl in this psychological thriller. Read full book review >
LITTLE WHITE LIES by Jennifer Lynn Barnes
Released: Nov. 6, 2018

"Sawyer's smart narrative, along with plenty of biting social commentary, will keep readers turning the pages. (Fiction. 14-18)"
Eighteen-year-old small-town mechanic Sawyer Taft gets much more than she bargains for when she's made an offer she can't possibly refuse. Read full book review >
THE LONG GAME by Jennifer Lynn Barnes
Released: June 7, 2016

"Aims to be Scandal for teens and mostly succeeds. (Thriller. 12-18)"
A girl uses her considerable talent to resolve her friends' problems in her elite high school until she finds herself in an uncontrollable situation in this sequel to The Fixer (2015). Read full book review >
THE FIXER by Jennifer Lynn Barnes
Released: July 7, 2015

"Intriguing despite its unevenness. (Thriller. 12-18)"
A girl from a ranch in Montana must quickly adjust to life in Washington, D.C., when her older sister puts their ailing grandfather into a facility. Read full book review >
KILLER INSTINCT by Jennifer Lynn Barnes
Released: Nov. 4, 2014

"A welcome addition to the teen-sleuth genre. (Mystery. 12-15)"
In order to catch a serial killer, a quintet of gifted teens needs first to cooperate with one another in this sequel to The Naturals (2014).Read full book review >
THE NATURALS by Jennifer Lynn Barnes
Released: Nov. 5, 2013

"Unanswered questions will have those readers on tenterhooks for the next in the series. (Mystery.14 & up)"
A teen with a special ability and a tragic past is recruited by the FBI to join a group of young profilers. Read full book review >
NOBODY by Jennifer Lynn Barnes
Released: Jan. 22, 2013

"Gripping, with a dramatic climax and just enough room for a sequel. (Science fiction. 12 & up)"
In a fast-paced and simply told action story, Claire, who has spent her life being ignored, teams up with Nix, the boy raised to kill her. Read full book review >
EVERY OTHER DAY by Jennifer Lynn Barnes
Released: Dec. 27, 2011

"Some good thrills. (Science fiction. 12 & up)"
Dial up the suspense in this series opener about a girl superhero who battles monsters. Read full book review >
RAISED BY WOLVES by Jennifer Lynn Barnes
Released: June 8, 2010

Bryn, 15, lives between worlds. Born human, she lost her parents in a werewolf attack when she was four. The werewolves, or Weres, who rescued her raised her as their own. Though she doesn't change into a wolf as her peers do, she is still subject to the Pack's rules of dominance and submission. Then Bryn discovers an important Pack secret: They're hiding Chase, a boy her age who survived a usually lethal werewolf bite and was turned into a werewolf. Bryn and Chase bond almost instantly, and Bryn is sure that Chase holds the key to identifying the Were who killed her parents. There are some holes in Bryn's narration of her own supernatural, wolfish abilities, which makes it difficult to understand how she relates to the rest of the pack. The pacing is very slow at the beginning, with most of the important action crammed into the last 75 pages. Despite these shortcomings, the mysteries of Bryn's identity should keep readers hooked, and there's plenty to discuss in terms of gender roles and Pack politics. (Paranormal. YA)Read full book review >
FATE by Jennifer Lynn Barnes
Released: March 10, 2009

Despite her mother's nagging, high-school senior Bailey has no post-graduation plans: Picking a college isn't her biggest concern, especially when the fate of the world rests on her shoulders. For readers familiar with Bailey's first outing, Tattoo (2007), buying her awesome responsibility, which stems from her role as one of the three mythological Fates, may come easy, as the previous text fully describes the genesis of her mythological position. New readers may not find this premise as clear, especially when Bailey introduces the Nexus, a secondary world in which she spends her nights weaving society's fate in long, italicized passages. Bailey's age-appropriate voice helps to anchor her Otherworldly adventures in reality, imparting humor and bringing to life her well-defined relationship with her three best friends and her anxiety about their inevitable separation at graduation. Sticklers for mythological purity will wonder how the Irish Sidhe got mixed up with the Greek Fates, but those just looking for a quick read probably won't care all that much. A fantastical and well-woven web of mythology, teenage anxiety and friendship. (Fantasy. YA)Read full book review >
PLATINUM by Jennifer Lynn Barnes
Released: Sept. 11, 2007

At Emory High, each student's status as a popular Golden or Non- (Golden) is crucial, except in the case of Lilah Covington, whose knockout combination of beauty, confidence, manipulative scheming and popularity elevates her to platinum status. However, when Lilah begins experiencing haunting visions that shake her trademark sense of control, she fears that her status might be slipping. Determined to free herself of the visions, which feature grisly scenes from the past and a mysterious male spirit bent on murder, she traces them to the supernatural Lissy and Lexie James, closely tying this text to Barnes's Golden (2006). With the help of the James sisters, the three girls use their supernatural powers to solve a mystery that is decades old. Although not absolutely necessary, previous knowledge of Golden would be helpful for understanding the events leading to Lilah's visions, as they're only partially addressed here. Fast-paced fun. (Fiction. YA)Read full book review >
TATTOO by Jennifer Lynn Barnes
Released: Jan. 9, 2007

Just like any other Friday night, close friends Bailey, Delia, Zo and Annabelle are hanging out at the mall, but when the girls apply temporary tattoos of strange symbols, the evening quickly becomes anything but ordinary. The tattoos give each teen a supernatural power, ranging from transmogrification to pyrokinesis. Although initially psyched with their powers, which they humorously put to use, the girls quickly realize, by way of Bailey's ability to channel mysterious voices and visions, that they have become entangled in a dangerous struggle between three ancient fairies who threaten civilization. The girls slowly uncover the well-developed fairy world, which closely mirrors the myth of the Three Fates, through the Internet and the help of a linguist, adding a realistic dimension to the plot. While Bailey's character is in a state of realistic development and flux, her three friends are tightly typecast as the brain, the flirt and the tomboy, which makes for predictable actions and dialogue. Fantastical, but with a reality check. (Fiction. YA)Read full book review >
GOLDEN by Jennifer Lynn Barnes
Released: July 25, 2006

Although framed around the typical moving-to-a-new-neighborhood story and its related angst, this tale immediately bypasses predictability as protagonist Lissy James reveals her secret ability to see and interpret the color of people's auras. Lissy's ability, which is meticulously and believably explained, provides multi-dimensional views of her new classmates and family, which prove entertaining and insightful, especially on her first day at Emory High, when she's shocked and frightened to sense that someone at school exudes a sinister colorless aura. At first, she assumes the unexplained negative energy flows from the vapid self-proclaimed "Goldens" or the popular crowd that has marked her as an easy target for teasing. However, as Lissy delves deeper into this colorless mystery, she quickly discovers that it transcends popularity and that she's not the only one at Emory High with the secret abilities to uncover and destroy the evil energy source. A well-balanced blend of fast-moving fantasy and light, playful chick-lit. (Fantasy. YA)Read full book review >