Books by Jennifer Vanderbes

THE SECRET OF RAVEN POINT by Jennifer Vanderbes
Released: Feb. 4, 2014

"What begins as formulaic turns unusual and affecting as the emotional depths of Vanderbes' story slowly emerge."
When her beloved brother is declared missing in action, smart, flinty Juliet Dufresne, training to be a nurse, goes to Italy to find him, in an empathetic, oblique take on the layers of damage done during war. Read full book review >
STRANGERS AT THE FEAST by Jennifer Vanderbes
Released: Aug. 1, 2010

"Excessive back story overshadows forward momentum in a compassionate though schematic portrait of middle-class characters in crisis."
Viewed through the familiar lens of a chaotic Thanksgiving Day reunion, a family's history of disappointment and struggle is brought violently up-to-date. Read full book review >
EASTER ISLAND by Jennifer Vanderbes
Released: June 3, 2003

"Impressively researched, persuasively detailed: a first novel destined to become a reading club favorite."
Two women of different generations—and worlds—find both fulfillment and disenchantment on "the world's most remote island." Read full book review >