Books by Jenny Moss

TAKING OFF by Jenny Moss
Released: Jan. 4, 2011

"While depicting the feel of the mid-'80s—jean jackets and shoulder pads galore—she also beautifully portrays the timeless teen quest for identity. (author's note, bibliography) (Historical fiction. YA)"
Living in Clear Lake, Texas, home of Johnson Space Center, in 1985, high-school senior Annie, the granddaughter of Winnie from Winnie's War (2009), secretly writes poetry in a town filled with scientists. Read full book review >
SHADOW by Jenny Moss
Released: April 1, 2010

"Shadow's first-person voice is formal and sometimes lofty, matching her insistent defensiveness, and her mettle is unromanticized in this understatedly meaningful almost-fairy tale. (Fantasy. YA)"
The common fantasy themes of hidden royal identity and reluctance to be a monarch are distinguished here with a grimly resolute protagonist defined by deep-rooted pragmatism and plagued by persistent doubt and desperation for freedom. Read full book review >