Books by Jerome Doolittle

KILL STORY by Jerome Doolittle
Released: Nov. 13, 1995

"With the likes of Newt Gingrich and Phil Gramm around, why's the guy wasting his time with a tinpot newspaper czar?"
Fierce, tough-minded old Felicia Lamport is convinced that Linda Cushing, who sold the Cambridge Daily Banner to publishing buccaneer Thurman Boucher only to find her late husband's handpicked staff scattered like tenpins, would love to hire Tom Bethany to wrest the paper back for her. Read full book review >
HALF NELSON by Jerome Doolittle
Released: Oct. 15, 1994

"A dastardly criminal conspiracy outsmarted and outsocked by a fairy-godmother vigilante: a tree-hugger's answer to John D. MacDonald's The Green Ripper."
Activist Robert Rackleff, the fair-haired lord of Earth Everlasting, must be the most unlikely person in the world to receive death threats, and the most exasperating to protect when he does. Read full book review >
HEAD LOCK by Jerome Doolittle
Released: Dec. 1, 1993

"Expect a rebuttal from Dan Quayle."
At the rate he's going, Tom Bethany, Boston's foremost Spenser imitator, will soon be out of the mystery business altogether. Read full book review >
BEAR HUG by Jerome Doolittle
Released: Dec. 1, 1992

"Much fat-cat bashing and political savvy on S&L scams, but also much more violence than is necessary and a plot that's not much brighter than the Thornburgh cousins."
A sharp descent into pulp machismo for Boston's Tom Bethany (Body Scissors; Strangle Hold), who, here, tackles Texas bubbas and Maine rowdies while trying to track the whereabouts of funds that the late Dr. Denton Somerville invested for/bilked from a group of- -now hard-pressed—retirees. Read full book review >
STRANGLEHOLD by Jerome Doolittle
Released: Dec. 2, 1991

"The writing is facile, frequently wry."
Boston trouble-shooter Tom Bethany—the cynical, savvy, and well-muscled hero of Body Scissors (1990)—is now helping out married girlfriend Hope Edwards, an ACLU attorney, when Pilgrim Mutual Life refuses to pay the ACLU the quarter million left to them by wealthy flake Morty Limbach, a suicide by autoerotic asphyxiation. Read full book review >