Books by Jerry Oster

FIXIN' TO DIE by Jerry Oster
Released: Feb. 17, 1992

"Jenny Swale is only the first), lots of good dirty fun for all."
Inoffensive convict Elvis Polk's shooting of NYPD officer Jenny Swale in the opening paragraph here (her partner Luther Todd has to wait until the next page) sets off a dizzying plot whose leading question is: Where did handcuffed Elvis get his gun if not via a police plant in Jenny's car? Read full book review >
VIOLENT LOVE by Jerry Oster
Released: April 1, 1991

"Fans of Oster's Club Dead and Internal Affairs won't be disappointed by this high-class sleaze."
The calculating title-a Lincoln's Doctor's Dog for the 90's-and the raunchy, upscale gothic trimmings conceal a pretty ordinary plot: Are the dismembering of glamorous Karen Justice (the first of eleven K`s revealed as the cast kills each other off) and the years-since disappearance of crooked cop Blond Tommy Muldoon's wife Rae the work of nasty photog/black-widower Diana Romero-who had taken up with Blond Tommy before Rae vanished, and whom savvy, paunchy cop Joe Cullen spies offering genital solace to Karen's grieving widower, hotshot Tv newsman Tony Justice, at Karen's funeral? Read full book review >