Books by Jerry Stone

Released: April 1, 2009

Designed to resemble a big, glossy scrapbook, this eye-catching addition to the flurry of titles commemorating the 40th anniversary of the first Moon landing features spreads crammed with period photos, transcripts, ephemera, NASA documents and publications, timelines and artist's renditions—plus a sticker, detachable pictures, numerous flaps to lift and, inset into the silver front cover, a riveting, five-facet lenticular painting of an Apollo 11 astronaut on the lunar surface. Every square centimeter between the visuals is filled with excited descriptions, technical notes and commentary by Mike, the album's fictive 12-year-old creator and, like his astrophysicist mother and retired NASA-worker grandfather, a dyed-in-the-wool space enthusiast. Designed as a browsing item, it invites readers to dip, leave and return. Kids will be drawn into the drama of the historic event and may be enticed into starry dreams of their own by closing glimpses of planned near-future expeditions to the Moon and to Mars. (Nonfiction. 7-12) Read full book review >