Books by Jesse Kellerman

Jesse Kellerman is a recent graduate of Harvard and an MFA from Brandeis. His award-winning plays have been producted throughout the United States and at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. He received the 2003 Princess Grace Award, given to America's most pro

CRIME SCENE by Jonathan Kellerman
Released: Aug. 1, 2017

"First of a series apparently aimed at readers willing to invest their time and attention in the hope of more excitement down the road."
Kellerman Senior (Heartbreak Hotel, 2017, etc.) and Junior (Potboiler, 2012, etc.) team up again in this tale of a case so cold it's been marked solved for years. Read full book review >
THE GOLEM OF PARIS by Jonathan Kellerman
Released: Nov. 3, 2015

"A curious yet compelling mix of adventure, crime, and horror with paranormal and historical elements."
Detective Jacob Lev takes on a brutal cold case and discovers that the murder has connections to his mother's murky past, a scary Russian oligarch, and a recent murder in Paris. Read full book review >
THE GOLEM OF HOLLYWOOD by Jonathan Kellerman
Released: Sept. 16, 2014

"Any mystery that leaves you as satisfied with its lingering questions as it does with its solutions is worth your patronage.
Two masters of psychological suspense weave a sprawling contemporary whodunit steeped in religious mythology, gruesome violence and the supernatural. Read full book review >
POTBOILER by Jesse Kellerman
Released: July 5, 2012

"Another brilliant performance from Kellerman (The Executor, 2010, etc.). Potboiler? Hardly. Kellerman has fun here, and so will his readers."
Seldom, if ever, have the cloak-and-dagger folk—of any stripe, ours or theirs—appeared so omniscient, so omnipotent and so perfectly awful as they do in Kellerman's mordantly funny latest. Read full book review >
TROUBLE by Jesse Kellerman
Released: Jan. 18, 2007

"After a relatively cheery debut, the talented Kellerman (Sunstroke, 2005) travels to Ruth Rendell country, and the bet here is you won't have read a more nightmarish novel all year."
A shivery psychological thriller about a beautiful young female stalker. Read full book review >
SUNSTROKE by Jesse Kellerman
Released: Jan. 5, 2006

"Funny, exciting and stylishly written—a delicious tour de force not to be missed."
From the son of the bestsellers Kellerman (Faye and Jonathan), a superb debut thriller about love, lust, vengeance, murder and a good girl coping. Read full book review >