Books by Jessica Wolk-Stanley

Released: April 11, 1997

Campbell (with Ronald Rood, The New York Public Library Incredible Earth, 1996) pens a creative and exciting introduction to almost everything readers dreamed of knowing about space. Following the format established in the first book, this is a collection of the most commonly asked questions at the New York Public Library about the basics of astronomy and their answers. Clever black-and-white drawings throughout turn highly complex topics into simple and understandable information. Campbell organizes the multitude of questions into accessible chapters: ``All About Astronomy,'' ``Looking at Celestial Objects,'' ``The Universe and Its Galaxies,'' etc., ending with ``Space Exploration.'' A must-have for browsers interested in the ``final frontier,'' and an excellent resource for instigating specific research. (b&w illustrations, charts, diagrams, glossary, bibliography, index) (Nonfiction. 11+) Read full book review >