Books by Joan Druett

Born and raised in New Zealand, Joan Druett has won many prizes for her previous books, including a New York Public Library's Book to Remember citation for Hen Frigates, the 1992 John Lyman Award for Best Book of American Maritime History, and the Kendall

DEADLY SHOALS by Joan Druett
Released: Dec. 12, 2007

"Fascinating tidbits come left and right, and Druett's prose gains vigor with every volume."
The pursuit of a daring thief takes Wiki Coffin through a flock of fascinating historical footnotes, in the latest from Druett (Island of the Lost: Shipwrecked at the Edge of the World, 2007, etc.). Read full book review >
Released: June 8, 2007

"Depicted with consistent brio, stormy seas become epic events."
Swashbuckling maritime history reanimated by a noted naval enthusiast. Read full book review >
RUN AFOUL by Joan Druett
Released: Nov. 7, 2006

"Shades of Patrick O'Brian live in Druett's interesting historical details, local color and suggested reading list. The whodunit's not bad, either."
Everyone's favorite seafaring half-caste Polynesian sleuth must rescue his father from a murder charge. Read full book review >
SHARK ISLAND by Joan Druett
Released: Oct. 11, 2005

"Basing her tale in part on the actual Exploring Expeditions' voyages, Druett (A Watery Grave, 2004) describes with contagious conviction floggings, cramped quarters, pettifogging officers and rum rations. Her mystery, however, owes more to Golden Age timetables and to, yes, red herrings."
The U.S. Exploring Expedition's Swallow, with sleuthing half-caste Polynesian linguist Wiki Coffin aboard, hits rough seas. Read full book review >
A WATERY GRAVE by Joan Druett
Released: Oct. 6, 2004

"The debut of a smart, appealing hero whose tale unfolds amid lots of interesting cross-cultural, historical, and nautical detail, the least compelling of which is the mystery."
A young man known to his Maori relatives as Wiki Kehua and to his American ones as William Coffin Jr. finds himself in hot water on August 18, 1838, the day the US South Seas Exploring Expedition sets sail. Read full book review >
Released: May 9, 2003

"A sharp harpoon, a keen eye, an unerring throw."
Druett (She Captains, 2000, etc.) sinks her literary lance deeply into the juicy story of the murder at sea of a vicious whaling captain by mutinous islanders. Read full book review >
SHE CAPTAINS by Joan Druett
Released: March 7, 2000

"Still, likely to get the wind up for modern she-farers or armchair sailors. (B&w illustrations)"
A m‚lange of tales of sea-going, or at least sea-connected, women, where the often fragmentary information can still pique a yen to sign on for the voyage. Read full book review >
Released: June 1, 1998

"Decidedly, these were women 'very aware of owning a certain aura of romance, of being widely traveled and worldly wise, something in which they took perceptible pride,' and in Druett's hands their stories make for highly enjoyable reading. (photos and illustrations)"
An engaging portrait of shipboard (and portside) life for women sailing with their husbands during the 19th century, from maritime historian and novelist Druett (Abigail, 1988). Read full book review >