Books by Joan Smith

Released: July 9, 1996

"No treat for romance or mystery fans."
The author of over a hundred romances and mysteries (Full Stop, p. 410, etc.) introduces the Berkeley Brigade—a four-person group of friends who are neighbors in Regency London—as they set out to find the priceless pearl necklace stolen from one of their number: Corinne, Lady de Coventry—a widow at 21 and due, by law, to deliver the pearls to her late husband's family in a few days. Read full book review >
FULL STOP by Joan Smith
Released: May 1, 1996

"There's some merit in the flowery, minutely detailed descriptions of New York's highways, byways, art collections, etc., but there are livelier city guides around—and much livelier whodunits."
Loretta Lawson, the author's English lecturer-writer heroine (What Men Say, 1994, etc.), returns for a fifth outing, this time spending a weekend at the New York apartment of her friend Toni Stramiello—a stopover on her way back to Oxford after an extended stay in California. Read full book review >
WHAT MEN SAY by Joan Smith
Released: June 1, 1994

"A deftly sardonic style, a coolly resourceful heroine and an intriguing puzzle add up to solid entertainment for the patient reader. (Tie-in to upcoming PBS-TV ``Mystery'' series)"
The bonds of friendship are sorely tried when Oxford-based lecturer-writer Loretta Lawson (A Masculine Ending, 1988, etc.) comes to the aid of her closest pal, Bridget Bennett. Read full book review >
BEHOLD, A MYSTERY! by Joan Smith
Released: March 18, 1994

"Clumsily plotted, unconvincingly motivated, but a not-too- silly heroine and nicely done period ambiance make this one harmlessly readable."
The author's newest Regency mystery (Royal Revels, etc.) finds Jessica Greenwood, 26, in an emotional upheaval. Read full book review >

London University lecturer Loretta Lawson (A Masculine Ending) is somewhat disgruntled when Sandy Neil—a woman she disliked in a consciousness-raising group over a decade ago—comes to stay with her over the holidays. Read full book review >

In sharp and shocking essays, British journalist and mystery writer Smith (A Masculine Ending, 1988; Why Aren't They Screaming?, 1989) unmasks evidence of contemporary culture's rampant misogyny. Read full book review >