Books by Joe Rocco

Released: Sept. 30, 2000

Creature feature fans are sure to find their favorite nightmares attending this Halloween soiree. Ready to party at the Halloween Motel, a family checks in, dons costumes (Dad's Elvis—the horror, the horror), and breezily heads off down the halls to meet the other guests—all of whom wear amazingly realistic ghost, ghoul, mummy, vampire, zombie, witch, and other outfits. The rhymed text trots merrily along, with occasional choruses, and frequent changes in typeface and size, for variety. Rocco's postmodern cartoon scenes, done in garish greens and purples, are chock-full of googlies, more caricatured than scary. When the irritated guests complain about "weirdos" coming to their doors, patchy green desk clerk Frankie Stein lurches up to inform the trick-or-treaters that they're at the wrong venue; the Halloween Motel is down the road a piece. More giggles and squiggles from the author and illustrator of Snow Inside the House (1998), this is guaranteed to be a big storytime hit. (Picture book. 6-8)Read full book review >
Released: Feb. 28, 1998

A snowy day inspires a girl's thoughts of the fun to be had if it snowed indoors as well as out—sledding down the stairs without fear of bumping a head, keeping a penguin as a pet, building snowmen in the living room and an igloo in the attic, and frozen peas that ``would sit and freeze till spring arrived once more!'' Imaginative and creative uses for a frosty interior are matched with equally frisky illustrations, which border on the bizarre: The heroine's bulging, googly eyes vie with her parents' blue lips and noses in commanding second looks. The mental merriment lasts until nighttime, when she drowsily realizes that her bed is cozy, that warm good-night hugs and kisses from parents are nice. A zany sojourn into a topsy-turvy, ``what-if'' world that comes off just right. (Picture book. 4-8) Read full book review >