Books by Joe Tye

Released: May 1, 1997

Self-empowerment fantasy by a counselor for those devastated by business losses or losing a job. Tye has several books and videos on career recovery, self-transformation, and ultimate success. Paul Peterson, a counselor for kids on the skids, runs a recovery school that has 200 enrollees. But through poor business management, Paul is about to lose the school and his mortgaged home. It's Foreclosure Day. Paul goes to the bank for a meeting, blows his stack on account of his fears, stomps outdoors to find a $75 parking ticket on his Chevy (he's in a wheelchair zone), races off to a nearby canyon cliff and jumps off. It's a wonderful life, though, because his guardian angel, Rafe, saves him and begins running time backward so that Paul sees himself backing away from the canyon, going backwards into the bank and going through the whole morning all over again, in reverse motion, while Rafe points out a few flaws in Paul's way of handling his anxieties. Then he's allowed to go through the morning once more. Many of his obstacles turn out to be self-created by fear and misunderstanding of others. This time, people who might have helped him but were dismissed out of hand by Paul come through for him and the school is saved. By facing brutal facts, Paul discovers how he has undersold both himself and life. Along the way, Rafe proffers a number of aphorisms meant to inspire folks who may be in the money dumps: ``Caring is the root of courage''; ``Fear is a prison from which action wins freedom''; ``With faith fear becomes an ally.'' And so on. Sinking people will grasp any straw, and this small, lightly fictionalized handbook of survival may well lend courage to faint hearts. Read full book review >