Books by Joel Spector

Released: June 1, 2012

"The strength of this lengthy, overtly didactic story is that it gives teachers and surviving parents a working vocabulary to use with grieving children and will help when they need to be nudged to talk. (Fiction/bibliotherapy. 9 & up)"
Emily and Ben, with the help of their father, work through their grief after their mother dies from cancer. Read full book review >
SATURNALIA by Joel Spector
Released: April 10, 1990

"A fine achievement."
Fleischman, 1989 Newbery poetry winner, returns with historical fiction about masters and servants in 17th-century Boston. Read full book review >
"IF I CAN DREAM": Elvis' Own Story by Larry Geller
Released: March 29, 1989

Heady fare for Elvis fans: life with the King as recalled by his hairdresser/spiritual advisor, including verbatim transcripts of Elvis-Geller conversations that Elvis allegedly planned as the basis for his own stillborn autobiography. Read full book review >