Books by Johanna Fiedler

Released: Oct. 30, 2001

"One couldn't ask for a more knowledgeable guide to the inner workings of the Met."
A thoroughgoing, eyeball-rolling institutional history of the Metropolitan Opera that concentrates on the personalities to pretty much the exclusion of the art, from Fiedler (Arthur Fiedler, 1994), for 15 years the press representative of the Met. Read full book review >
ARTHUR FIEDLER by Johanna Fiedler
Released: Oct. 11, 1994

"Only Fiedler enthusiasts and habituÇs of the classical music scene will want to wade through the run-of-the-mill pop psychologizing featured here."
The daughter of Boston's beloved maestro transposes the familiar laments of a star's adult child into the world of classical music. Read full book review >