Books by John Dominic Crossan

John Dominic Crossan is Professor Emeritus of Religious Studies, DePaul University, Chicago. He has written twenty books on the historical Jesus in the last thirty years, four of which have become national religious bestsellers: The Historical Jesus (1991

Released: March 1, 2007

"'America as the New Roman Empire' is pretty tired stuff, and the author's jeremiad against 'Bible-fed Christian violence' won't sway anyone who doesn't already share his decidedly PC faith."
The Bible presents us with both a peaceful God and a violent God, declares Crossan (In Search of Paul, 2004, etc.). The task of believers is to decide which one to follow. Read full book review >
Released: March 1, 1995

"Brilliant writing in the service of a disappointingly dogmatic positivism."
Controversial biblical scholar Crossan restates his thesis that the Gospel accounts of the death of Jesus tell us more about the polemics of the early Christians than about what really happened. Read full book review >
JESUS by John Dominic Crossan
Released: Jan. 1, 1994

"The most reliable—read: cautious—guide to the historical Jesus remains John P. Meier's massive, on-going project, A Marginal Jew (1991- )."
Revisionist ``biography'' of Jesus, by New Testament scholar Crossan (Biblical Studies/DePaul University; Raid on the Articulate, 1976). Read full book review >