Books by John Douglas

LAW AND DISORDER by John Douglas
Released: March 1, 2013

"The prose is mostly workmanlike, but in a culture besotted with serial killers, Douglas can claim a rare authenticity regarding the evil that men do."
From a pioneer of behavioral analysis, a look at notorious murder investigations marred by controversy. Read full book review >
MAN DOWN by John Douglas
Released: Nov. 1, 2002

"Page-turner full of sardonic asides."
Second in the Broken Wings series (Broken Wings, 1999, with Mark Olshaker) and first solo fiction by Douglas, famed as Thomas Harris's legendary FBI Mindhunter. Read full book review >
BROKEN WINGS by John Douglas
Released: Nov. 9, 1999

"Even so, Douglas and Olshaker keep the pages burning. (Author tour)"
Douglas, the FBI's famous Mindhunter of Thomas Harris's novels, has collaborated with Olshaker on four previous nonfiction books about profiling serial killers and other baddies (The Anatomy of a Motive: The FBI's Legendary Mindhunter Explores the Key to Understanding and Catching Violent Criminals, p. 770, etc.). Read full book review >
Released: June 1, 1999

"Indeed, Douglas's advocacy of awareness and observation, combined with his chilling accounts of criminal motivation, offer a valuable lesson to all in staying abreast of the unlikely but most lethal dangers of our society."
Renowned G-man Douglas, originator of the FBI's Investigative Support Unit, offers his fourth collaboration with co-author Olshaker (Obsession, 1998, etc.), a dense admixture of profiling theory, grim criminal history and cautionary admonishment that, though at times unwieldy, adds up to an informative, provocative page-turner. Read full book review >
Released: Feb. 1, 1998

"Not much more than a collection of truly horrifying stories, which is a shame for both the reader, who justifiably expects more, and for Douglas, who has more to offer. (Author tour)"
A look at rape-and-murder and its perpetrators by one of the men who invented the forensic art of psychological profiling. Read full book review >