Books by John Downes

Released: April 15, 1991

Double-spread presentations of 28 broad-ranging topics concerning health (famine, alcoholism, AIDS, malaria, etc.), economics (wealth, migrant labor, women at work, unemployment), crime, fertility control, human rights, language, demographics, and more. Treatments are representative rather than comprehensive; comparative statistics, maps, graphs, charts, color illustrations, and admirably succinct summaries of major issues combine to suggest each subject's range. For example, ``Shelter'' includes an introductory paragraph, a world map of ``self-built'' housing, a map of Europe showing typical floor space, a map of a shanty settlement in Botswana, and paragraphs concerning state-provided housing, homelessness, and slums. Most topics include at least one world map. The focus is not on any one country, though many are mentioned at appropriate points; the U.S. appears frequently. Though all the answers aren't here, this is a treasure trove of fascinating facts that suggest a great many important questions and topics worth pursuing. Occasional graphs could use more explanation, and sources are not given; otherwise, altogether praiseworthy. Glossary; index. (Nonfiction. 10+) Read full book review >