Books by John Gates

SISTER WIFE by John Gates
Released: July 5, 2001

"A deceptively simple tale enriched by Gates's equally sharp take on contemporary Mormon culture, down-and-dirty politics, and the eternally running battle between legal justice and the other kind."
Things have settled down so much for alcoholic lawyer Brigham Bybee since Brigham's Day (2000) that he's purchased an isolated motel that keeps him close to his ladylove, Zolene Swapp, while the job he's been hired to do as Utah's Special Assistant Attorney General—prosecute notorious polygamist T. Rampton Crowe, self-styled Father of the Faithful ensconced in nearby New Ammon—rumbles on toward a trial that will feature star witness Roma Ann McCallister, a.k.a. Read full book review >
BRIGHAM’S DAY by John Gates
Released: July 7, 2000

"Newcomer Gates, a Utah native practicing law in Texas, turns a wonderfully jaundiced eye on the beauty and grotesqueries of his home state, and on the disquieting Mormon fringe culture that seems to hold it in an iron grip."
Atmospheric legal procedural that peers into the uninviting shadows cast by the Church of the Latter-day Saints on contemporary and historical Utah. Read full book review >