Books by John Gilstrap

SCOTT FREE by John Gilstrap
Released: Feb. 1, 2003

A catalogue of all the things that can go wrong when a 16-year-old sneaks off to a Metallica concert, all served up in Gilstrap's inimitable breakneck style. Read full book review >
EVEN STEVEN by John Gilstrap
Released: Sept. 12, 2000

"Reading Gilstrap's third and most accomplished suspenser (At All Costs, 1998, etc.) is like listening to an all-menace radio station in which everyone everywhere is in maximum danger during every minute of the incredibly compressed 24 hours of the story. Think Mary Higgins Clark with teeth."
Another of Gilstrap's innocent families duels with police, the FBI, and serious druglords over the child they've reluctantly kidnapped. Read full book review >
AT ALL COSTS by John Gilstrap
Released: June 16, 1998

"Does for families what Nathan's Run did for preteens—puts them through endless rounds of entertainingly action-packed pursuit. (Film rights to Arnold Kopelson)"
Mr. and Mrs. Middle America take it on the lam from an army of law enforcers when a routine check reveals that they're high on the Most Wanted list. Read full book review >
NATHAN'S RUN by John Gilstrap
Released: March 27, 1996

"The Fugitive with Oliver Twist in the title role—and a surefire summer read for the family-values crime buffs who lapped up The Client. (First printing of 100,000; film rights to Steifel Phillips Productions and Joel Silver; Literary Guild Alternate; $175,000 ad/promo; author tour)"
A preteen locked in a juvenile detention facility for car theft kills a supervisor, breaks out, and leads the police on a chase from Virginia to Pennsylvania. Read full book review >