Books by John Hersey

KEY WEST TALES by John Hersey
Released: Jan. 19, 1994

"A bittersweet, resonant ending, then, to an extraordinary career."
Written in the years just before his death, 15 stories by Hersey (Antoinetta, 1991, etc.) characterized by the same subtle wisdom about human nature and the same haunting resolutions that mark his best work. ``Get Up Sweet Slug-a-Bed,'' the longest and strongest piece here, concerns the struggle of an independent, charming man to preserve something of his style while dying of AIDS and captures the sad drama of terminal illness. Read full book review >
ANTONIETTA by John Hersey
Released: May 7, 1991

"Writing in a multitude of voices and formsletters, narrative, screenplayHersey offers a virtuoso performance."
Maestro Hersey (Fling and Other Stories, 1990, etc.) composes a stately, richly detailed symphony of novel about the creation and fate of a very special Stradivarius violin. Read full book review >
LIFE SKETCHES by John Hersey
Released: April 20, 1989

Any reader who is not already a fan of Hersey's will be swayed by the richness of this collection of 18 occasional pieces dating from 1944 to 1988. Read full book review >