Books by John J. Ratey

Released: Jan. 18, 2001

"Overall, Ratey is a conscientious guide, pointing out the intricate routes by which human brains navigate behavior. Just remember: the map is only this year's topography, subject to change and correction."
Grab your nearest neuroanatomy text: this user's guide plots myriad courses through the brain's tracks and stations as Ratey (Psychiatry/Harvard Medical School) delivers the latest word on the underpinnings of perception, emotion, memory, thought, and other mental qualities. Read full book review >
Released: March 14, 1994

"According to the authors, the positive aspect of ADD—high creativity—should prevent stigma being attached to this highly treatable condition."
A thorough examination of the hot new psychological syndrome, attention disorder deficit (ADD), formerly called hyperactivity and now believed to be neurological in origin, by two Harvard Medical School psychiatrists who have adult-diagnosed ADD themselves. Read full book review >