Books by John Katzenbach

THE DEAD STUDENT by John Katzenbach
Released: Oct. 6, 2015

"Boasting one of the freshest and most unlikely duos to appear in crime fiction in some time, the latest thriller by Katzenbach (Red 1-2-3, 2013) is one of his most enjoyable."
Convinced that the shooting death of his psychiatrist uncle was murder—not a suicide, as ruled—a Miami Ph.D. student with a binge-drinking problem turns to his high school girlfriend to help him uncover the truth. Read full book review >
RED 1-2-3 by John Katzenbach
Released: Jan. 7, 2014

"'Little Red Riding Hood' has been taken on scarier spins in recent times, but the age-old tale provides a lively premise for this thriller about stalked women."
A disturbed author and devotee of crime fiction who views writing and killing as parts of the same intimate process targets three redheaded women in what he considers the grandest homicidal scheme ever. Read full book review >
WHAT COMES NEXT by John Katzenbach
Released: June 5, 2012

"So sadistically measured in its pace that readers will have plenty of time to ask themselves how different they really are from the perverts tuned in to Number 4's sufferings."
Katzenbach (The Madman's Tale, 2004, etc.) sets an amateur sleuth living on borrowed time to hunt a kidnapped teenager whose time is even shorter in this pulp-ish re-imagining of "The Pit and the Pendulum" for the digital age. Read full book review >
THE MADMAN’S TALE by John Katzenbach
Released: July 1, 2004

"Katzenbach (The Analyst, 2002, etc.) creates a wonderfully appealing narrator in Francis, more interesting than the conventional damsel, knight, and dragon battle at the heart of his monster flashback."
The hero hears voices, but it's what he sees that makes him special in this serial-killer version of One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest. Read full book review >
THE ANALYST by John Katzenbach
Released: Feb. 4, 2002

"Hokey, gimmicky, and flatly unbelievable—but even readers immune to the erratic charms of Katzenbach's earlier thrillers (Hart's War, 2000, etc.) will find themselves powerless to stop after page ten."
Katzenbach's finest hour is the tale of a widowed New York psychotherapist roused from the cocoon of his habitual rounds by an anonymous letter—a letter threatening him with a fate worse than death. Read full book review >
HART'S WAR by John Katzenbach
Released: April 1, 1999

"On balance, maybe the author's best. (Literary Guild alternate)"
A courtroom drama with an interesting spin on "change of venue," the venue here being a German POW camp. Read full book review >
STATE OF MIND by John Katzenbach
Released: Aug. 1, 1997

"Less gory than one might expect, and less psychologically compelling than the narrative would want us to believe: Katzenbach is not likely to keep anyone guessing too long, but the action is fast-paced and most of the story's loose ends are smartly tied. (Author tour)"
Jeffrey Clayton, a criminology professor and noted expert on serial killers, is handed an unusual assignment: tracking down a mass murderer who just might be his long-presumed-dead father. Read full book review >
THE SHADOW MAN by John Katzenbach
Released: May 1, 1995

"The Holocaust supplies high seriousness, an inflated sense of menace, some factual digressions, and the length that will make some readers take this quick, juiceless thriller seriously. (First printing of 75,000; Book-of-the-Month Club alternate)"
Brandish the Holocaust in front of a formula novelist, and the ink flows like blood—as it does in this overextended thriller about an unrepentant Nazi loose among Miami Beach's Jewish community. Read full book review >
JUST CAUSE by John Katzenbach
Released: Feb. 6, 1992

"So grossly overextended that you'll see every twist coming pages away—but Katzenbach does keep the suspense mounting from the gloomy opening to the cartoonish denouement."
A seen-it-all Miami crime reporter, Matthew Cowart, reopens the case of an inmate waiting on backwoods Florida's death row to be executed for the sex murder of young Joanie Shriver and succeeds in overturning his conviction—only to have his own worst nightmares come true. Read full book review >
DAY OF RECKONING by John Katzenbach
Released: March 20, 1989

Crudely manipulative but effective psycho-chills as Katzenbach (In the Heat of the Summer, 1982; The Traveler, 1987) trashes 1960's nostalgia by pitting a yuppie couple against the recalcitrant, monstrous 1960's radical they betrayed two decades before. Read full book review >