Books by John M. Marzluff

Released: June 5, 2012

"An insightful look at some of our surprisingly capable feathered friends."
Bird researcher Marzluff (Wildlife Sciences/Univ. of Washington; The Pinyon Jay, 2010, etc.) and artist and nature writer Angell (Puget Sound Through an Artist's Eye, 2009, etc.) look at how crows and other similar birds think, learn and remember. Read full book review >
DOG DAYS, RAVEN NIGHTS by John M. Marzluff
Released: March 29, 2011

"An enjoyable chronicle of life in the wilds of Maine."
In 1988, John Marzluff (Wildlife Science/Univ. of Washington; In the Company of Crows and Ravens, 2005, etc.) and his wife Colleen set out into the Maine wilderness, where they studied the social behavior of ravens and became part of a community of local people upon whom they depended for support, companionship and fun. Read full book review >