Books by John Morressy

THE JUGGLER by John Morressy
Released: April 1, 1996

A rare tale of medieval adventure and a mature, heartwarming portrayal of human potential and forgiveness. When his entire village is destroyed by marauders, Beran sets out on the road to become a juggler, quickly attaining the skills and cunning needed to cheat and con others out of their purses. As an apprentice he eventually sharpens his craft, but even in manhood he never learns to control his ambition; when the devil offers him juggling skills beyond compare, Beran willingly sells his soul. Wealth, fame, and power soon follow, but Beran—and Faust before him—sees the emptiness of his prize. Only in the love of a woman does he discover how far he must travel before he can cast the devil aside and lead a simple but honorable life. Some readers may find their attention flagging during the latter half of the novel; it's a long road to salvation. Those who persevere will be amply rewarded by Morressy's sobering, yet ultimately optimistic, message of self-redemption. (Fiction. 12+) Read full book review >