Books by John Paul Stevens

THE MAKING OF A JUSTICE by John Paul Stevens
Released: May 14, 2019

"The author's consistently absorbing commentary on a wide variety of legal cases will require close attention by readers, but the payoff is worth it."
The retired Supreme Court justice chronicles his impressive life story, including his 34-year tenure with the court. Read full book review >
SIX AMENDMENTS by John Paul Stevens
Released: April 22, 2014

"A refreshing set of opinions. One wishes that other retired justices would speak their minds so clearly, providing well-crafted arguments for others to take up."
The former Supreme Court justice proposes constitutional changes to restore the old republic. Read full book review >
FIVE CHIEFS by John Paul Stevens
Released: Oct. 3, 2011

"Though well-documented and richly detailed, this book is unlikely to captivate readers who do not have a special interest in the Supreme Court."
An informative and intermittently engaging account of Justice Stevens' tenure on the Supreme Court. Read full book review >