Books by John Podhoretz

Released: March 2, 1999

"Whether one finds Breindel's pervasive anti-Communism neurotically obsessive or fiercely patriotic, his editorials make for powerful, historic reading."
Nearly 70 columns from the New York Post's late editorial page editor raise a conservative voice against perceived excesses of the progressive left. Read full book review >
Released: Nov. 1, 1993

"A frisky if cautionary saga of political decline and fall, as well as a diverting backstairs tour related by a perceptive and irreverent conservative."
Podhoretz the Younger—former White House apparatchik, son of Norman, and debut author—sheds some harsh light on the Executive Branch and, with some heat and a lot of wit, explains just what George Bush and other inquiring minds would like to know: what changed and how the Bushes lost the key to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Read full book review >