Books by John R. Erickson

Released: Oct. 1, 2004

Inspired by a real event on his own ranch, Erickson's second visit to the McDaniels' West Texas ranch follows the young hero of Moonshiner's Gold in another adventure set in the 1920s. The low hum of an airplane engine makes Riley and his little brother Coy look up from their task of digging holes in the yard, a punishment from their mother for fighting. The airplane lands, piloted by their friend Aaron Kaplan and carrying Dr. Montrose, a well-known archaeologist. Things become even more interesting when the two tell the boys and their mother that a significant archaeological site might be located on their ranch. Outsmarting thieves, learning how to excavate, and discovering a new civilization are only some of the things on the agenda for the summer. Add to that a possible romance and publication in a scientific journal, and Riley's boring life begins to look much more interesting. Good historical fiction on a less-familiar subject. (Historical fiction. 7-10)Read full book review >