Books by John T. Lescroart

GUILT by John T. Lescroart
Released: June 1, 1997

Murder stalks a go-getting San Francisco lawyer who just wants to be left alone so he can have it all. From the moment Mark Dooher first catches sight of law student Christina Carrera, he's convinced that he's got to have her. Read full book review >

A CERTAIN JUSTICE by John T. Lescroart
Released: Aug. 31, 1995

Lescroart swings for the fences with a West Coast take on The Bonfire of the Vanities. A black lawyer who accidentally locks himself out of his BMW sets off his own car alarmand gets lynched by an angry mob already outraged at the freeing of a murderous carjacker. Read full book review >

THE 13TH JUROR by John T. Lescroart
Released: Sept. 20, 1994

Appearing as defense counsel for Jennifer Witt in the sentencing phase of her trial for killing her husband and son, San Francisco attorney Dismas Hardy finds himself inching slowly, slowly from the back bench into the hot seat. Both Diz and David Freeman, his colleague, mentor, and landlord, who's defending Jennifer, know she's not the ideal client. Read full book review >

HARD EVIDENCE by John T. Lescroart
Released: Feb. 18, 1993

The shaggy lawyer/bartender of The Vig (1991) tries his hand at blockbuster courtroom drama—in an engaging crossover novel written with both eyes firmly on Scott Turow. At first, Dismas Hardy doesn't see any connection between his new job as an assistant D.A. and the severed hand he found inside a shark captured by San Francisco's Steinhart Aquarium. Read full book review >

THE VIG by John T. Lescroart
Released: Jan. 8, 1990

The day Louis Baker gets out of jail, down-at-heels former S.F. prosecutor Rusty Ingraham warns bartender-sleuth Dismas Hardy that Baker's out to kill them both-and that night Hardy calls on Ingraham's houseboat to find him vanished, leaving behind a trail of blood and a dead woman. Read full book review >