Books by John Thorne

HOME BODY by John Thorne
Released: Aug. 14, 1997

"A modest charmer. (20 drawings)"
Precise reveries about the essential, overlooked domestic elements that shape our perception of a home. Read full book review >
Released: Nov. 1, 1996

"When not freighted with indignation-overload, Thorne's high- and-lowbrow take on the foodscape at large makes for a singular vision."
Crotchety and erudite as ever, Thorne (Simple Cooking, 1987; Outlaw Cook, 1992) gets mired for a good third of this collection in the gravitas of his stubborn reverence for the Maine he calls home and the fugitive ethos of its foodways. Read full book review >
OUTLAW COOK by John Thorne
Released: Nov. 1, 1992

"Both substantive and refreshingly quirky: Thorne's food- writing can feed your head and clear it of the prevailing burble."
Billed here as ``an iconoclastic eater,'' Thorne—author of a food newsletter and a 1987 anthology drawn from its pages, both titled Simple Cooking—is so far from the usual run of gushing food-writers as to make M.F.K. Fisher (reviewed above) look a little precious. Read full book review >