Books by John Varley

John Varley is the author of the Gaean Trilogy (Titan, Wizard, and Demon), Steel Beach, The Golden Globe, Red Thunder, and Mammoth. He has won both the Nebula and Hugo Awards for his work.

RED LIGHTNING by John Varley
Released: April 4, 2006

"Much more than a simple adventure story, full of poignant moments and relevant social commentary."
A highly satisfying sequel to Red Thunder (2004). Read full book review >
MAMMOTH by John Varley
Released: June 7, 2005

"Sometimes amusing and informative but more often barely tepid, with stock characters, a contrived mess of a plot and ideas that refuse to delve beneath the superficial."
From the author of Steel Beach (1992), etc., a yarn about time travel and—well, you guessed it. Read full book review >
STEEL BEACH by John Varley
Released: July 17, 1992

"Once a prodigious talent, Varley has subsided into an overblown, obfuscatory mode that will disappoint all but his most ardent fans."
Imitative 23rd-century lunar ruling-computer-goes-mad yarn from the author of, most recently, Blue Champagne (1986). Read full book review >