Books by John Westermann

LADIES OF THE NIGHT by John Westermann
Released: July 7, 1998

"We do."
Ex-police officer Westermann (The Honor Farm, 1996, etc.) returns to his suburban haunts for a tour of corrupt politics as Nassau County homicide detectives Maude Fleming, who's gay, and body-builder Rocky Blair gather evidence about the kidnapping of Deputy Nassau County Executive Elizabeth Lucido, who knows where all the bodies are buried on Long Island. Read full book review >
THE HONOR FARM by John Westermann
Released: Nov. 12, 1996

"Fans of the police procedurals of early Wambaugh and late McBain will delight in the gruff sensibilities of Westermann's heroes and the unregenerate sleaziness of his villains."
A whodunit with a twist—instead of going undercover on the mean streets and leafy suburban lanes of New York's Nassau County (as he did in Exit Wounds, 1990), Patrol Officer Orin Boyd goes to jail to learn whether the prison-cell death of Police Commissioner David Trimble's son was a suicide or murder. Read full book review >
SWEET DEAL by John Westermann
Released: Feb. 28, 1992

"Gangsters in the townships are as creepy as their brothers in the boroughs."
Suburban Long Island, scene of Westermann's Exit Wounds (1990), is the menacing background in the search for a cop killer. Read full book review >