Books by Jon A. Jackson

NO MAN’S DOG by Jon A. Jackson
Released: July 1, 2004

"The highlight in this installment of the Mulheisen/Service saga is a razor-sharp series of conversations between nominal enemies and even more nominal allies that recast domestic and international terrorism as a ludicrously inflated game of Who's on First."
Jackson continues his quest to enlarge the darkly comic circle of Detroit crime to epic proportions. Read full book review >
BADGER GAMES by Jon A. Jackson
Released: June 1, 2001

"This battle of loose cannons isn't the most comical or suspenseful episode in the continuing saga of Joe and his pals (La Donna Detroit, 2000, etc.), but it's certainly the most audacious."
Back when Kosovo was up for grabs, a cabal of US government operatives calling themselves the Lucani inserted Franko Bradovic into the nearby village of Tsamet, ostensibly to deal dope but actually playing a deeper game. Read full book review >
MAN WITH AN AXE by Jon A. Jackson
Released: March 1, 1998

"Oh, and if you think Hoffa was executed by his mobbed-up associates and laid to rest in the end zone of Giants Stadium, has Jackson got a wagonload of surprises for you."
Jackson, who doesn't seem able to let go of any of his beloved stable of Detroit cobs-and-robbers—Sgt. Read full book review >
DEAD FOLKS by Jon A. Jackson
Released: July 1, 1996

"Jackson's six Mulheisen chronicles have created something unique: a comic soap opera in which the murderously funny writing skewers the characters so surely that nobody can budge an inch, unless you count dying as movement. (Author tour)"
Will anybody ever bring avenging mob princess Helen Sedlacek and her lover, contract killer Joe Service, to book for the murders of Detroit crime boss Carmine Busoni and Mario Soper, the hit man sent to Butte to kill them? Read full book review >
DEADMAN by Jon A. Jackson
Released: Feb. 1, 1994

"Mulheisen and his creator are obviously having the time of their lives in this knockabout farce, and so will readers who can appreciate the ways Jackson's comedy is deepened by his characters' brutality."
An improbably rambunctious sequel to the death-soaked Hit on the House (1993) that finds mob daughter Helen Sedlacek and her lover Joe Service celebrating their execution of Detroit gang leader Carmine Busoni (revenge for Helen's slain father, Big Sid) in Butte, Montana, which isn't quite far enough to discourage contract killers Mario Soper—handily dispatched by Helen after he shoots Joe and leaves him for dead—or Heather, who combines business with pleasure by finagling her way into the home of Joe's nurse, Cate Yoder, whom she's smitten with. Read full book review >
HIT ON THE HOUSE by Jon A. Jackson
Released: Jan. 25, 1993

"Throw in knife-edged vignettes—of a hit man with a soft spot for the innocent witness and of a mob daughter who thinks the police move too slow—and you might just have the best procedural of the season."
Jackson takes a giant step toward the big time with his fourth novel about Detroit homicide Sgt. Read full book review >