Books by Jon Boorstin

Released: March 10, 2003

"Second-novelist (Pay or Play, 1997) and producer Boorstin (All the President's Men) has a good feel for academe and the underworld alike, and his old New York is pungent and real—but his tale becomes unnecessarily convoluted and unravels toward the end."
An engaging, if overly complex, historical thriller begins with William James's 1908 nervous breakdown and follows the story of the Harvard philosopher recovering. Read full book review >
PAY OR PLAY by Jon Boorstin
Released: March 1, 1997

"Boorstin's novel has energy, wit, and some very sharp scenes, but it ultimately seems insufficiently savage: It's not nearly as bizarre as the business it wants to skewer."
The latest in a spate of Playeresque novels, this entertaining first fiction by Boorstin (The Hollywood Eye, 1990) borrows from the recent big-studio production disasters of our time, from Apocalypse Now to Bonfire of the Vanities, to invent a movie so bungled (and expensive) that it never gets finished. Read full book review >