Books by Jon Cleary

BLEAK SPRING by Jon Cleary
Released: March 21, 1994

"A steadily absorbing plot with some untraditional facets, a clutch of well-drawn characters and a detective who continues to be warm, intelligent, and unsmug make Bleak Spring one of Cleary's best."
Veteran author Cleary's Australian Inspector Scobie Malone of Sydney's police force (Dark Summer, etc.) is grappling with the murder of small-time lawyer Will Rockne, shot in his car in the parking lot of a local beach club, his wife, Olive, only yards away. Read full book review >
DARK SUMMER by Jon Cleary
Released: April 24, 1993

"Still, there's much to admire here, including two demanding father-son relationship and the tough-minded Scobie."
Who injected low-level informer Scungy Grime with a curare derivative and then tossed him in Inspector Scobie Malone's backyard pool? Read full book review >
Released: Dec. 16, 1991

"The puzzle the two finally solve is muddled and undermotivated; Cleary's narrative style is overembroidered with philosophical asides, but, still, this is worth reading for its cleareyed picture of the life and people in an isolated Outback town."
Detective Inspector Scobie Malone and sidekick Sergeant Russ Clements have been sent from their Sydney headquarters (Murder Song, etc.) to the Australian Outback to help solve the murder of Ken Sagawa, manager of South Cloud, a Japanese-owned cotton factory in the town of Collamundra. Read full book review >
NOW AND THEN, AMEN by Jon Cleary
Released: Feb. 17, 1989

Australia's Inspector Scobie Malone (Dragons at the Party, etc.) quickly discovers that the dead nun on the whorehouse porch is the illegitimate granddaughter of Fingal Hourlgan, billionaire businessman, who barely knew her. Read full book review >