Books by Jon Manchip White

Released: Oct. 30, 1992

"Awfully tame, but cozy and literate."
White, who has written a number of thrillers, a parapsychological novel (Death by Dreaming, 1981) and his memoirs (The Journeying Boy, 1991) tells 17 moderately spooky stories, all set in his native Wales. Read full book review >
Released: Aug. 28, 1991

"An engaging and personal look into the past of a man who may not yet have come to terms with himself—but who at least is clear about his love for his homeland."
White (Death by Decree, 1981, etc.; English/Univ. of Tenn.) takes a loving look at his boyhood home and comes up proud to be a Welshman. Read full book review >