Books by Jonathan Galassi

MUSE by Jonathan Galassi
Released: June 2, 2015

"May be more fun for cognoscenti than for common readers, yet it offers a worthy psalm on the pre-Amazon, pre-digital days of publishing that anyone might appreciate. Galassi rates praise especially for choosing to have some knowing fun with his years in the business and sparing the world another memoir."
An insider's look at New York book publishing spins a fable of egos, literature, and commerce in which an editor's obsession with a poet leads to the revelation of a crucial secret. Read full book review >
NORTH STREET by Jonathan Galassi
Released: March 2, 2000

"A lyric collection by a seasoned hand moving through his prime of life."
A collection that reflects the elegance of the East Coast intellectual and the introspection of the middle-aged family man in equal measure. Read full book review >