Books by Jonathan Littman

Released: March 31, 1997

"An arresting account of the career of a New Age intruder whose capacity to strike at will mocks the very notion of computer privacy and security. (photos, not seen)"
Having chronicled the digital-data brigandage of the notorious Kevin Mitnick (The Fugitive Game, 1996), Littman casts a cool, discerning eye on Kevin Poulsen, who led law-enforcement agencies in a merry chase along the Information Highway. Read full book review >
Released: Jan. 22, 1996

"A consistently absorbing book that fills in many of the blanks left by Takedown (p. 1693), Shimomura's first-person account of the role he played in putting Mitnick back behind bars. (8 pages photos, not seen)"
Before the FBI collared the notorious cyberspace bandit Kevin Mitnick earlier this year, he conducted an 18-month dialogue with Silicon Valley journalist Littman (Once Upon a Time in Computerland, 1987) via telephone and the Internet. Read full book review >