Books by Jonathan Ross

Released: July 11, 1997

"Birds do it, bees do it, but maybe a few too many human predators stand revealed by the final fadeout in Rogers's 20th outing."
Delictos don't get any more flagrante than in Castle Caldbeck Wildlife Park, where animal keeper Henry Fowler and veterinary secretary Harriet Stoner have been discovered in the boot of Fowler's car, partly undressed, tangled in each other's limbs, and very, very dead. Read full book review >
Released: Dec. 15, 1995

"Despite some clever plot-spinning, the author's lush, convoluted prose and wordy asides—largely focused on various odors, tobacco addictions, and inner angst—may be a hasty turn-off for all but the most patient and forebearing."
Abbotsburn's Detective Superintendent George Rogers, the author's ever self-absorbed, sometimes-inspired sleuth (Murder Be Hanged, 1993, etc.), returns, this time to investigate the case of onetime farmer Philip Cruickshank, found dead by his dentist son Stephen, the body hanging from a garage ceiling beam. Read full book review >
MURDER BE HANGED by Jonathan Ross
Released: April 1, 1993

"The boring details of Roger's persona—clothes, pipes, hormones— get almost equal time in this self-indulgent exercise."
This time out, Detective Superintendent George Rogers (Daphne Dead and Done For, 1991, etc.) is called to investigate a shooting incident at Towerhouse, home of Rachel Sloane Horsbrugh, her teenaged son Willie, and second husband Colonel Henry Horsbrugh. Mrs. Horsbrugh runs a language school on the premises with help from twentysomething Daniel Skinner and a couple of women teachers, all living in the tower. Read full book review >