Books by Jordana Frankel

THE ISLE by Jordana Frankel
Released: Jan. 19, 2016

"Narrative distractions are overcome by action and character development in this duology closer. (Dystopian adventure. 12-16)"
After The Ward (2013), Ren must save her adopted sister, Aven, from Gov. Voss while keeping the newly discovered magical spring from him and his plans.Read full book review >
THE WARD by Jordana Frankel
Released: April 30, 2013

"The checklist of what makes commercial teen dystopias may be complete here, but the clumsy writing and nonexistent worldbuilding prevent this subpar clone from making a splash. (Dystopian romance. 12-16)"
A society built atop a catastrophe-stricken United States of America, a feisty heroine torn between guys, an evil government—stop us if you've read this already. Read full book review >