Books by Joseph Hansen

BOHANNON’S WOMEN by Joseph Hansen
Released: July 1, 2002

"Since their juxtaposition highlights similarities of structure, length, pace, and flow, fans are advised to take this sextet slowly."
All six of these stories, five featuring California ex-sheriff Hack Bohannon (Bohannon's Book, 1988, etc.), are reprinted from mystery magazines. Read full book review >
JACK OF HEARTS by Joseph Hansen
Released: Jan. 9, 1995

"Familiar matters sensitively handled, with all the dated charm of a yellowing newspaper feature."
This prequel to the Lambda Awardwinning Living Upstairs (1993) finds 17-year-old Nathan Reed struggling on familiar ground- -with his family loyalties, his sexuality, and his vocation as a writer—back in 1941 L.A. Since his parents (a layabout father who dreams of beautiful music and works sporadically as a porter; a fortunetelling mother who's just been busted by the police) don't offer much in the way of nurture or support, it's only natural that Nathan would go looking elsewhere for a family: to Moon's CafÇ, where the staff of the Fair Oaks Junior College Monitor, overlooking his lower division status, take him to their collective bosom and press him to write a column for the paper; to the Harlequin theater, a fourth-floor loft where a cadre of Monitor regulars stage An Inspector Calls to critical acclaim and official harassment; and to a series of prospective lovers ranging from flirtatious ingenue Alex Morgan to disastrous Moon's waitress Sheila O'Hare to Fair Oaks instructor Kenneth Stone, an alleged Nazi spy, to mortuary organist Desmond Foley, whose weekend orgies are a town scandal, and to Nathan's old school friend Gene Woodhead, who returns from military school determined to pick up their sexual experiments where they'd left off. Read full book review >
LIVING UPSTAIRS by Joseph Hansen
Released: Sept. 14, 1993

"Nathan is always contrasting his unfinished book with the falseness of The Human Comedy, but the ardent tenderness suffusing his own story—despite Hansen's evocation of constant uneasiness and veiled threats—recalls no one more than Saroyan."
From the 1991 Lambda Award-winning author of the acclaimed Dave Brandstetter mysteries: a wartime idyll of Hollywood's colorful, disreputable gay community, told from the point of view of an aspiring young novelist. Read full book review >
Released: June 1, 1993

"Not much mystery here, then—these are stories about a detective, his intimates (his traumatized wife Linda, his grizzled buddy George Stubbs, his sometime female companion T. Hodges), and the all-too-human criminals who come across as warmly as their nemesis."
Having concluded his Dave Brandstetter mysteries with A Country of Old Men, Hansen comes up with a second collection of stories featuring Madrone, California, ex-sheriff Hack Bohannon (following Bohannon's Book, 1988)—the title of which is especially apt, since Hack makes only a cameo appearance in one of the five stories and never turns up in a second at all. Read full book review >
A COUNTRY OF OLD MEN by Joseph Hansen
Released: May 1, 1991

"Dave's best outing in years; it's a shame Hansen's so emphatic about its being his last."
Aging gay insurance-investigator Dave Brandstetter comes out of retirement again over the protests of his longtime companion black newscaster Cecil Harris, to find the woman who kidnapped Zacha little boy who says he was grabbed after watching her commit a murder. Read full book review >