Books by Joseph Lagos

THE SONS OF LIBERTY #1 by Alexander Lagos
Released: May 25, 2010

In this distinctly different take on the American Revolution, electrical experiments by Ben Franklin's crazed son turn two young runaway slaves into human batteries capable for brief periods of amazing feats of speed, strength and intellect. Fortunately Graham and Brody come under the tutelage of (historical) abolitionist Quaker Benjamin Lay, whose misshapen body hides not only a fiery dedication to doing good but (not so historical) superb skill in Dambe, an African martial art. Having absorbed both the morals and the fighting techniques, along with a quick education, the boys hie off to Philadelphia to build new lives—packing cool masks that show off the way their eyes glow when they rev up for action. They go on to successfully take on a brutal slave hunter and his pack of ravening trained dogs, but when Lay is murdered an aborted attempt at revenge leaves them sad and confused. How will they fare against Franklin's son and other enemies? Stay tuned. Printed on coated paper and framed in solid black, the deeply shadowed graphic panels explode with melodrama (and, occasionally, blood) from start to finish. Not a source of accurate history, but it's hard to put down. (Graphic historical fantasy. 12-14)Read full book review >